Lead Service Line Inventory


The MN Department of Health is requiring all public water suppliers to create an inventory of water service lines. The purpose is to identify and eventually replace all lead and galvanized water service lines to improve the health and safety of public water supplies across MN. We are required to gather an inventory of both the publicly and privately owned water service lines.


Please take a moment to complete this water service line survey. A paper copy will also be sent out, which will include a QR code to access the online survey. It is our strong preference that you complete this survey through the online survey, as it will help us compile data quickly.


For those properties that don’t have a logged survey response by May 17, 2024, city staff and/or our engineering team will begin door knocking in an attempt to identify the service line material in your home or business. Thank you for your assistance!


Please use this link: https://forms.gle/QuPvwnceLKzLkCrN9